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Simply put, mindfulness is the curious, open
and non-judgmental awareness of experiences
 in the present moment. It is a skill and a
practice that involves developing greater
focus and cultivating a deeper sense of
acceptance and compassion for the self

and for others.
Mindfulness is so popular now that it may
seem like someting new. In fact, it's an
ancient tradition that is being validated by
western science as a beneficial and powerful
tool for cultivating mental and physical
health in our hyper-busy world. 
It is also one of the most heavily studied
modalities, with study after study yielding
positive and promising outcomes for those  
who learn the skill of mindful awareness
and mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness practices prove to play a
positive role in the treatment of anxiety,
depression, ADHD, addictions, chronic
pain,  PTSD, chronic health conditions
 and many more conditions that
cause anguish and suffering.

Mindfulness can be a strictly secular practice
that enhances physical and mental well-being.

It can also be a spiritual practice that helps
bring a clearer sense of interbeing - enhancing
 our sense of connection with all that is.


"....meditation allows for an undoing of our controlling behavior,
an undoing of limiting beliefs, an undoing of habitual physical
tensing, an undoing of defensive armoring and ultimately, an
undoing of our identification with a small and threatened self."  

Tara Brach